Monday, December 4, 2017

December 2017 - Short Presentation from Dec 2017: My Process + CHTR & CMCSA overview

My (short in length) presentation from this past weekend in Florida. Click here PRESENTATION LINK

Combination of:
(a) my process
(b) companies/ business models I like
(c) using a+b to go over my preference for $CHTR and $CMCSA


  1. I love your slide decks. Thx.

    I just went over the Charter numbers to reconcile with your theories. If you look at the financials on a "per customer-month" basis, you'll see that EBITDA per customer-month was ~USD 45 in 2013 while it's ~50 now.

    What's really jumping in my eye is: if you split the EBITDA number by "video contribution" (revenue from video minus content costs) and all other the split is as follows:

    video ~30
    + all other ~15
    = EBITDA 45

    video ~20
    + all other ~30
    = EBITDA 50

    Declining profitability in video while everything else, taken together, scales very nicely. I don't know if I would have taken a look at this in this way without your slide decks. So, thanks very much for this.

    One question though: what's the big difference between FTTH, DOCSIS 3.1, FD3.1 etc.? Economically and technically? I am satisfied with a good link if you have one, I don't really know where to search...

    What do you think of Liberty Broadband?


    1. Tom,

      Thanks for the comment. Try this link (a PDF) on DOCSIS 3.1.

      FTTH = fiber to the home, fiber connection, thus symetrical down/upload speeds
      3.1 = speeds around 1 Gbps
      FD 3.1 = speeds around 10 Gbps symmetrical

      LBRDA & LVNTA are interesting ways to play CHTR, although LBRDA you have the unrealized capital gains hurdle (they may be able to overcome) and LVNTA has GCI and other assets (Lending Tree, FTD, etc) and CHTR is essentially 60% of NAV.


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