Friday, June 2, 2017

Markel Corp (MKL) - Brief Overview - 38 slides [6/02/2017]

Link to Slide Deck: Markel Corp (MKL) 6/2/2017 (click left)

Quick overview of MKL, how I think about the underlying drivers of the business going forward, decomposing BVPS growth.

Any feedback is welcome


  1. Good deck. Its underappreciated how much the leverage in Markels balance sheet has declined over the years, particularly GWP to SH equity. A natural consequence of retaining all earnings. Interestingly buying Alterra did not fix this, as their leverage was just as low!

  2. This is a very good presentation. Thanks for sharing it. I have a quick question.

    Why does BRK's float increase every year, but MKL's is almost stagnant?

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