Monday, August 1, 2016

Investment Blogs to Follow/ Consider Following

Blogs to follow/ consider following for Investing-Related Material
(Note: I do *not* endorse all of these; some gathered through recommendations, some higher quality versus others. May have missed some good blogs, feel free to recommend in comment section.)

(In alphabetical order) infrequent posting, some discussion of individual companies.

AlphaExposure (wordpress): past discussions on oil, some discussion on individual stocks such as EROS, BPT; almost predominantly a short strategy blog. Strong track record from shorting (see below) ( @Skrisiloff) Weekly posts on company call notes.

AZValue (blogspot): ( @AZ_Value): Last post August 2015 on Valeant (VRX). ( @SajKarsan): Posts on investing, his fund returns, company related, such as VTU. ( @baseHitInvestor): investing topics such as ROIC, incremental ROIC caluclations, compounders, and some companies such as MKL, BRK, CACC, SUNE.

BronteCapital (blogspot) ( @John_Hempton) Hedge Fund manager from Sydney, Australia. Known for his spot on calls on VRX and HLF.

BrooklynInvestor (blogspot): Posts on valuation, and some company specific posts, such as JPM, MKL, KHC, AME, OZM, SCHW, MDLZ and more. Boutique investment firm, established as a family office. Includes investor letters, presentations on wide moat investing, and occasional security analysis on TWX, KW, FUN, COH, HSP. posts on economic and macro related topics (ISM, housing, construction spending….)

Clark Street Value (blogspot): Individual investor and CFA, posting on specific companies (mostly smaller companies) like LDOS, HE, NXRT, XRDC, HHC, PNK, LILA and more. Frequent posts, fairly solid analysis. ( @TheCreditBubble): posts on company issues, concerns, bankruptcies such as XCO, SPE, BCEI and more. ( @conorsen): PM at New River Investments, posts mostly on broader investing topics Investing related, case studies on companies, notes on books, upload of investing videos.

DislocatedValue (blogspot) (@UnderwaterCap): infrequent posts but solid reviews on companies such as LKQ, BIDU, CWC, PCRX, NPO, EXH and more. posts mostly on investing topics, less so individual companies.

Fundooprofessor (wordpress): Sanjay Bakshi, posts on investing topics and behavior (less so company related)

GlennChan Random Notes on Investing ( @glennchanWordpr) Posts on specific companies, both on long and short side. ( @HurriCap) Posts on investment related topics, less so on individual company-related. ( @InstrinsicInv) Ensemble Capital, posts on interesting articles, occasional stock ideas such as LSTR ( @KerrisdaleCap)  Post specifically on investing ideas implemented in their hedge fund, such as DISH,

kirkomi (wordpress): Infrequent posts, on investing topics and specific companies such as CFR, LON:RTN, AXP, Swatch, DLB, and more.

MarketFolly ( @marketfolly): Posts on interesting hedge fund news and investing articles.

Musings on Markets (aswathdamodaran blogspot): ( @AswathDamodaran) NYU Professor, discusses specific companies and valuation tools topics.

OraclefromOmaha (wordpress) ( @ValueVenture101) Posts on specific companies, very thorough and detailed, companies such as JD, CHTR, IBKR, AMZN, EBAY/PYPL, CSU.

Paincapital.wordpress ( @PainCapital): Posts on broader topics such as the Australian housing market and oil. ( @PunchCardBlog): Posts on specific companies such as CONN, WINA, TWX, CABO, LYV, LGF, SIRI and others. Posts on smaller companies such as Future Bright Holdings, Keck Seng, Paradise Entertainment, TExhong, Flybe, LSB. ( @rationalwalk) : some topics around investing and company specific such as MKL and BRK

ShillerFeeds ( @RobertJShiller): Posts on macro topics, basic investing thoughts. ( @SIRF_Report) Posts by Roddy Boyd, designed to uncover issues and fraud with certain companies, such as Diamond Resorts, VRX, and others. Posts on broad investing topics, not specific companies. ( @TheSkeptic21): Posts specifically on Valeant (VRX) Posts on investing articles found interesting throughout the week, and some specific companies as well.

ValueInvestingWorld: Weekly posts on interesting articles and links related to investing (mine) @Find_Me_Value): Posts every couple of months on investing topics and individual companies such as BRK, LILA, MCO, SPGI, DVA, HHC, CABO and others.

Valuetrap13 (wordpress) ( @valuetrap13): Hedge Fund manager posts on general investing topics, valuation. ( @valuewalk): Posts on interesting investment articles and posts, as well as hedge fund news.

Y0ungmoney (blogspot) ( @Y0ungMoneyBlog): Posts on book reviews and investing topics. (Yacktman son): Posts specifically on companies such as WFC, DISCA, SCHW, VZ, ORCL, and others.

Professional Money Managers
Stock Ideas; Please suggest more in comment section.

Broyhill (See above) ( @GWInvestors) (see above)

Voss Capital (Travis Cocke) – Focuses mostly on smaller/mico cap names, strong investment track record (see: for his letters, doesn’t post as much on twitter)

Artko Capital – focuses on smaller capitalization companies (see: for firm letters and ideas)


  1. Hyperlinks don't seem to work (viewing with Firefox).
    Also, BronteCapital does not appear to be in alphabetical order :p

  2. Thanks, updated it. As for hyperlinks, they aren't hyperlinks. Just blue font to illustrate their Twitter handle. Hopefully you've found this information helpful.

  3. Thanks - this was helpful.

    Curious. I just started a blog with the sole purpose of posting about company specific investment theses only. No other fluff. I've posted a couple of initial ideas but was unsure whether to make the write-ups very short to give a quick overview or very long to cover the full analysis.

    The former seems better to get a point across to a quick reader. The latter is better in explaining the investment thesis in full but is cumbersome to go through for some. Any thoughts on what is more successful?

    1. Do both; but in the former (short thesis), I would recommend being clear and concise as the thesis, but also giving a little overview and explanation. I agree, a long form thesis can be tiresome, for both the reader and person creating it. Therefore, I try to only do one every so often, or when a company appears cheap and I drop everything and jump on doing research myself. Hope this helps.

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